Community Initiatives

CanDyne Inc. provides support to the Calgary community and other outreach programs internationally. CanDyne recognizes the value corporate responsibility has on the community, and how our strength as an organization can help our individual communities, support our city and the needs of individuals and groups throughout the world.

Our organization has generously contributed to supporting individuals with mobility challenges and providing solutions for them more adequately enjoy life and their surroundings. CanDyne recently invested in a fully-automated wheelchair for a young lady attending university.

CanDyne has also provided staff with opportunities to support the families and their homes that suffered damage in the community of Bowness during the 2013 Flood.

Below is a list of the organizations CanDyne actively contributes to locally, nationally and internationally.


  • 5 Artists 1 Love
  • Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter
  • Various community Golf Tournaments



  • The Red Soil Project (Malawi) – a program that “teaches African peoples the building blocks of permaculture, a form of sustainability so they can learn to naturally restore their own land while building self-sufficiency at a personal and community level and moving towards a system of sustainable growth without aid”
  • The Townships Program (South Africa) – a program designed to fight systemic poverty in Africa through supporting microlending and microfranchising programs.