Technical Information

CanDyne has expansive resources in our library to help you with your pump requirements or understanding what pump to utilize, when and where. CanDyne’s personnel have spent years accumulating data for centrifugal and reciprocating pump systems, related knowledge of piping design structure and system functionality to provide our company and yours with the capabilities to ensure a correctly applied pump and pump package system. Our experience and speciality is in getting the project done right.

Our library consists of resources from pump systems dating back to the early 1970’s to the most current. Information about distributors including Gardner Denver, National, Oilwell, NOV, Union, Gaso, Bingham, Kerr, Moyno, PCM, ANSI and API pump systems, history and designs.

Additionally, CanDyne has experienced professionals that have spent years within various industries and have experience with specialized applications and/or systems. This is CanDyne’s strength to you, our clients. Feel free to contact us and use us as a springboard to help elevate your knowledge and understanding of the pump field.

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