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Your go-to Calgary Pump Distributor for Progressive Cavity Pump

Oil and gas operation is a demanding field, especially in Alberta where the industry is thriving and competitions are everywhere. You will need a reliable distributor that not only provide high quality PCM and screw pumps in Canada, but also help making sure your field operation is smooth and streamlined.
This is where CanDyne comes in. We are a Calgary PCM pump supplier that provides a wide arrange of pumps, from progressive cavity pumps to diaphragm pump in Canada. No we don’t just provide pumps, but an end-to-end customized solution where our experts will weight in your operation needs.
Let’s take a look at the progressing cavity pump for example, which is one of our top line of products. Also known as the eccentric screw pump, it is a PCM pump that our experts work expensively with. Progressive cavity pumps are known for its long life span and reliability, but special attention has to be placed on where the rotor contacts the stator. Without proper care and lubrication, rapid deterioration can occur. That’s why our specialists at CanDyne derive an extensive care plan to make sure that maintenance and processes are properly structured and set up. That way, we can make sure that problems can be avoided before they take place.
If reliable screw pump in Canada and servicing are what you look for, then look no further! Contact our specialist today!