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Megator Pumping and Piping Fabrication Experts – CanDyne

CanDyne was founded in 2001, providing Canadian and world-wide oil and gas operation with top of the line water injection package and turnkey pump packages. It is not easy to stay competitive in the field years after years, especially in Alberta where the saturation of pump and piping fabrication experts are high. To mark ourselves apart from our peers, we can’t find better alternatives than providing top notch services, honest communication, quality products to each of our customers.

Result? We see hundreds of operations to their success and turn a lot of customers into regulars. We know that when it comes to industrial service and production, honesty is the key to a fruitful relationship. When you come to CanDyne, we are dedicated not to just sell you a Megator Pump or a metering skid, but an experience and expertise that will make your next venture a success. So it matters not if you are here for our rotary pump, turnkey pump packages, water injection package, or the sliding shoe pump, our team will not leave you in the dark.
We have dedicated service team for each and every one of our products and customers. Along with our inventory of the highest quality Megator pumps from our newly established pump distribution division, we are confident our clients will get the highest quality of products within the shortest delivery time.

If this kind of service is what you are looking for, then wait no further! Contact us today!