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Reciprocating Pump Solution from Calgary Pump Supplier

If you are looking to handle a smaller amount of liquid with a lot of delivery pressure, then you will be looking at getting a reciprocating pump for your operation. At CanDyne, we are comfortable to say that we are one of the best reciprocating pump manufacturers when it comes to providing an effective and practical solution in utilizing reciprocating Weatherford pumps.
Reciprocating pump is a type of positive plunger pump applies exceptionally well in certain operation such as industrial waste disposal and liquid transfer. At the same time, it is also widely used in oil operation since it can handle a task with higher liquid pressure due to its stationary seal and smooth cylindrical plunger structure. Plunger pumps in Canada are manufactured with different materials, including bronze, brass, steel, and many others. How do you know which type to use? The decision is made with the consideration based on the nature of the operation and the media type. We can only tell you that we relied on our expertise and years of experience.
For our customers’ oil and gas operations, our specialists usually prescribe reciprocating pumps with iron cylinders and plungers. For operations that call for continuous duty plunger pumps, we would recommend using solid ceramic plungers. Our experience in the industry as a top Calgary pump supplier ensures our team to make the most optimal judgement and provide you with a plunger pump solution that works for your business.
With so many factors affecting the decision around what reciprocating pump should you be using, why test your luck? Choose the Calgary pump distributor experts who will see your operation from end to end and provide streamlined process and maintenance for your pumps! Take a look around our site and let us know how we can help with your operation!