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Top Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers for Oil and Gas Operation in Canada

>What are your deciding factors in choosing centrifugal pump suppliers for your oil and gas operations? Is it the suppliers’ technical competency, their accountability, or the quality of service? At CanDyne we make it our mission to deliver all of these requirements. Our model as centrifugal pump supplier is created around delivering service with quality and honesty. This means that with CanDyne, you can worry less about the state of the pumps, and focus on the other area of this demanding industry. Our experience in providing oil and gas pumping solutions ensures that our products are of the highest quality, from pump manufacturing to the pump repair services.
We have provided a wide array of multi stage pump solution for the Albertan operations since 1990s. One of our specializations is the centrifugal pumps. Whether be it ANSI pumps, vertical multi stage pumps, or barrel-style multistage centrifugal pumps, we have it covered for your operation. Oil and gas pumps are the center pieces of your drill project; slight deficiencies can lead to delay in operation and lost in revenue. With so many other factors to worry about on the field, you need a pump solution that is proven and reliable. That’s why the attention to detail is very important for us in providing and maintaining the quality of the centrifugal pumps. With our years of experience, we understand where the common problems on the multistage centrifugal pumps lie. That’s why we pay special attention to the condition of the rotating shafts and impellers, and make sure that common wear and leakage would be minimized.
If you are looking for a reliable pump manufacturer in Canada, look no further. Chat with our representatives today!