Engineering & Design

CanDyne Inc. specializes in pumps and packaged pump systems. Our experience within this field ensures the product we create is both practical and cost effective for the purpose it was designed for.

Let our team of experienced professionals design, engineer and fabricate your turnkey packaged pump system. Manufactured turnkey packages have a wide variety of material options available to the end user. Let us assist you with our experience/skills with pump systems in your package!


 General Arrangement Drawing (GA)  Process & Instrumentation Diagram
(P & ID)
 Isometric Diagram (ISO)
General Arrangement drawings are intended to demonstrate where the equipment, main piping items, valves and fittings are located within your turnkey package or unitized pump system.  GA diagrams provide clients with a conceptual and technical view of the end product before it’s even produced so that you know exactly what you are getting from a completed CanDyne product. P&ID design is used to show the process structure,  interconnection of equipment, line sizes and design as well as the instrumentation detail used to process the application within the pump package itself. CanDyne designers ensure your system is built to the highest standards available. Isometric drawings are used as a way of demonstrating a design or drawing in three dimensions. Our team provide three –dimensional (3D) view of the product so that you can see the product from multiple angles. Our designers use the latest version of AutoDesk Inventor Professional and AutoCAD 2015 to design your unitized pump or pump package to your specifications.