Laser Alignment & Vibration Analysis


CanDyne Inc.  offers Laser alignment and Vibration analysis for pump package installations and as part of your preventative maintenance procedures if requested.

These analyses are important to prolonging the life of your pump, engine or electric motor systems. We use state of the art equipment and follow strict industry guidelines as set out by manufacturer’s standards to confirm alignment and vibration integrity.

We use the S-670 Stealth Shaft Alignment system, the newest technology available from Hyatt Industries. This new system allow’s CanDyne to preform both alignments and vibration analysis on most major brands of pumps and pump systems.

Our experienced technicians will be able to determine whether your pump and/or system is working within normal parameters, or if adjustments need to be made to have it functioning at an optimum level.

To have your pump tested, don’t hesitate our Service department at 403.692.3000.