Machining is a relatively simple process, but when actually applied correctly and with experience to pumps can take some experience to understand how to do properly. To re-sleeve a stuffing box or fluid end can take a precise skillset to ensure it is done correctly the first time – especially when time is of the essence in a turnaround. CanDyne believes in doing a repair right the first time then trying to repair something in a ‘stop gap’ way that won’t solve the problem.

CanDyne’s machining services along with the skilled knowledge of how to repair an item will ensure an in-house cost effective way to repair a component, rather than replace a component, and likely speed up the process for you and get you back up and running faster. We have the equipment and expertise by our technicians to manufacture and/or repair the various components for your requirements.

Machining services are available in our Calgary and Grande Prairie Service locations at this time. Call 1.866.831.3001 to be connected with one of our branches for further assistance.